photo by Roxplosion

ShowPony is an instrumental math rock band hailing from Washington, DC. Their debut LP, Slow Danger, highlights their complicated-rock tendencies with elaborate song composition and intricate syncopation. In the summer of 2015, the band hit the road with stops in Canada and the midwest, playing songs from their first album and road-testing new songs for an upcoming full-length album.

Brian Moran drives the songs along, drumming the thin line between hard-hitting power and subtle nuance, while Eric Sakmar adds his prog-rock prowess to the mix with enough bass force to shake the glasses off of your face. On guitar, Dan Spagaire pulls from his Pittsburgh upbringing and fondness for loop pedals as his fingers fly, providing angular melodies and classic-grit riffs.

Blending math, classic, pop, post, and prog rock together, ShowPony offers an exciting live show full of contagious energy feeding off the enjoyment these three members get from playing music. Local concert reviewer David Hintz describes a ShowPony show - "…the guitarist created intriguing patterns over countering bass runs atop crisp snare and cymbal attacks. The music is mobile with some jagged cuts as an ice skater may fly by leaving a crystal trail."

ShowPony is currently finalizing material for their full-length follow up to Slow Danger.